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Coq au vin, beef bourguignon, Dijon mustard, Epoises (wonderfully strong cows milk cheese), and wines: All are tastes that come to my mind when I think about eating in Burgundy, France. Though travel isn’t all about gastronomic delights, let’s face it: food matters when we travel!

That’s why Burgundy is a special destination in France. It’s easily accessible from Paris via train or car. Burgundy can also be reached from Lyon if your travels take you there and you have an extra day to spare. The best Burgundy experience though is to take several days or a week touring the region visiting picturesque towns, tasting red and white wines, and sampling the Burgundian delights!

Wine production is certainly featured in Burgundy and its wines are red and white!  The reds are mainly from Pinot Noir grapes while the white wines are primarily from Chardonnay grapes. A tour in Burgundy will take you through vineyards and will include tastings in special châteaux.  Touring can include visits to Beaune, Dijon, Mâcon, Vézelay, and Chablis to name just a few of the famous towns. Churches, museums, markets, timber-framed homes, and a rich history — these are all reasons to include Burgundy in your next trip to France.

A Paris Travel would love to arrange a group tour for a day to Burgundy or a private tour with your own driver guide. If you’d prefer, we’ll design a custom itinerary for you to truly enjoy Burgundy and all its delights.

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