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The words “The French Connection” conjure up a variety of images in my mind, but often the first is the thriller movie of the same name that came out in 1971 and depicted a very seedy side of Marseilles, France.

Since then, Marseilles has greatly improved its image and is a popular destination for travelers and well worth a visit for travelers who wish to soak up its culture, architecture, and Mediterranean beaches. Marseilles is the second largest city in France and is a destination for one of our most popular Provence tours called The Best of Provence and Marseilles.

The French Connection is alive and well everywhere I go in the United States. The connections are amazing! I find it fascinating and not surprising when I consider that 70% of the English language is related to the French language and 5% of our words are exactly the same. For example, words that end in “tion” are the same in both languages (ex. direction, exposition, affection and countless more!) and how often do we use words and expressions like déjà vu, bonjour, après ski, cul de sac, and tête-à-tête without a moment’s thought that we’re actually speaking French!

It’s refreshing to hear how many prospective travelers to France are either brushing up on their high school French or are making an effort to learn some words and expressions in French. This study of French establishes a French connection before the individuals ever leave home and most assuredly will enhance their ability to communicate during their travel to France, thereby making it more fun!

There will forever be a debt of gratitude and strong connection between the United States and France resulting from the events of June 6, 1944 and the Allied Invasion. One only needs to take a tour to Normandy to see Old Glory flying throughout the region to realize that the bonds are strong and the connection forever.

Connections between the U.S. and France certainly preceded D-Day. I have clients who enjoy a Paris walking tour to see some of the landmarks that are connected with Thomas Jefferson who spent 5 years of his life in France! Clients who visit the South of France enjoy a tour to Nîmes since they get to see the Maison Carée, a Roman temple built around 12 BC. This landmark of ancient proportions was the inspiration for Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia State Capitol in Richmond! That’s quite a French Connection!

The food network encourages a French Connection and who doesn’t love a delicious fondue (from the French Alps), crèpes (from Brittany and Normandy), crème brûlée and whenever I’m traveling with friends in France, they’re struck by how much of the food is familiar to them.  For those wanting to sample some French cuisine, our Authentic Provence Cuisine and Wine Tour is available.

While I say “vive les différences”…long live the differences, I appreciate the forever French Connection that exists between our countries. This makes travel to Paris, to France, and throughout Europe an experience of discovery with many connections!

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