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Normandy Tours

Discover Normandy with one of our Normandy Tours. Choose from one of our group Normandy Tours or one of our Private Normandy Tours with a private guide. We offer multi-day Normandy tours where you can explore Normandy in more detail. You can also choose from Normandy Tours that leave from Paris or tours that begin in Normandy.

Normandy shines three hundred sixty-five days of the year and has an atmosphere that cannot be understood unless visited. A Normandy tour will take you to the heart of the D-Day Landing Beaches. The region abounds in history, warm and welcoming people, fantastic food (it’s apple country, so imagine the variety of pastries!), sleepy villages oozing tranquility and charm, and the sight of Old Glory flying proudly…still thanking us (and the other Allies) for the ultimate sacrifices made in 1944.